Our values

It was a genuine conviction and the expression of a deep-seated feeling that led me - as a designer - to this choice to produce exclusively in France. Convinced that it is possible to use only French labor in the creation of our unique pieces, thanks to the wealth of know-how in our territories.

Stockman mannequin


We favor quality over quantity, so that the product retains its soul and thus its beauty. In this way, we create clothing and hats that combine emotion and meaning. A limited production run allows us to monitor the entire creative process.

Our experience in the craft and our taste for work well done explain the particular importance given to the choice of materials and details.

What's more, our geographical proximity to our partners is an asset, enabling us to get to know their way of working and ensure that they share the same philosophy as ARISI PARIS.

This is how we combine our knowledge with the skills of our passionate professionals to create a quality product.

Time bonus

We work on the principle that meticulous craftsmanship takes time.
That's why we sometimes allow 2 to 4 weeks for production, so that we can design your garments in the best possible conditions and offer you the very best.

The time it takes to create your garment or hat will help you appreciate it more fully.

Sewing machine
Hand and knobs

Unique pieces

The final product is the result of the work of various trades, some of them artistic.

Designers, textile manufacturers, button makers, pattern makers, seamstresses - these are all involved in the design of your garments.

At every stage of the creative process, men and women master their craft and use their own gestures to create original pieces.
Some materials, such as buttons, are entirely hand-made and sometimes have small irregularities that we treasure.

The craftsman will never have the regularity of a machine, and that, in our opinion, is what gives a handmade piece its charm and uniqueness.

Putting people at the heart of our business

To pass on our love of the trade, we'll be sharing articles dedicated to these craftsmen in the " KNOW-HOW" section.

You'll discover the materials we use and how they are transformed by the touch of their nimble hands. Even though the world is moving towards digitization, and it's important to adapt to meet demand, we feel it's essential to maintain a human approach through our exchanges with you.

Our customer service team will pay particular attention to your requests, to give you individualized, tailored answers.