St Raphaël hat


In raffia

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This raffia hat will be the ideal accessory to accompany you on special occasions or simply to the beach.
Hatmaker, Anaïs, the designer made this hat by hand using a wooden mold.
The shape was created from a straw cone that she moistened, then a ribbon was sewn on the inside and two more on the outside to give the hat extra flair.
Anaïs then finalized the hat by hand-stitching the ribbon on the outside.

Please take the next size up if you are between sizes.
We believe in the importance of works made with time and love.
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Made in France   Ecological   Crafts

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Beige natural straw

Outside ribbons : Ecru and taupe
Inside ribbon : black

Cap height: 8cm
Brim size : 11cm



Sizing guide

S = 56 cm
M = 57/58 cm
L = 59 cm

It's easy to measure your head circumference with a tape measure.
Place it about 1cm above the eyebrows and ears, taking into account the bump at the back of the skull, the strongest part of the head.
If you're between sizes, we recommend you take the next size up.

Origin of materials

Raffia is a natural material from a palm tree native to Madagascar.
It is from the leaves of this plant that craftsmen extract fine strips, which are then dried and processed.
The flexibility and strength of this fiber enable Malagasy craftsmen to weave straw cones with dexterity and patience.
This ancestral know-how has been handed down from generation to generation.

The cotton and viscose ribbons are made in France, near St Etienne, a know-how dating back to 1864.

Care instructions

  • To clean the inner band of your hat of any foundation stains, we recommend using "Eau Ecarlate".
    Put a little of this product on a clean cloth and rub the ribbon.
  • To best preserve the shape of your headgear, store it upside down on top of a shelf, for example, and make sure you don't put any belongings on top of your hat, as this could distort it.
  • When you take off your hat, remove it by the brim. The spontaneous tendency is to remove it by pinching the cap, but this will weaken the straw and eventually crack the material.
  • If necessary, lightly dampen the straw with a spray bottle to soften it, but don't let it get wet (in the rain, for example), otherwise the hat will lose its shape.